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I love to test and review absolutely anything. I test, evaluate and publish product information. I am a very active Beta Tester for several companies. I test and review products from anywhere and any company.I invite anyone to contact me to test and post an honest and detailed review. I do text, photo and video reviews.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

5.0 out of 5 stars All around great tool for so many uses. Kids and adult will love to play with it and use it for so muchJanuary 14, 2017

This review is from: Gravity Hook - A High-Performance Grappling Hook Multifunctional Stainless Steel Survival Folding Grappling Hook Climbing Claw Outdoor Gravity Carabiner for Your Outdoor Life
If you are a roof worker or a tool guy, a gadget freak, a prepper or anyone who like the outdoors this is a must have tool! It is both a hook to pick things up from above that you have dropped or you want to get to but can't reach! It also changes into a grappling hook with a blade add in and a band to keep the hook closed on the blade. It has quite the lifting strength too! I used it to pull a 5-gallon bucket of mortar from the ground to the roof of my house with no help from anyone on the ground. I was able to drop the hook to the handle and grab on and pick it right up. I was able to do some brick chimney repairs with no other help and no bucket carrying up a ladder. I didn't even have to wrestle with it to grab on. I just set the bucket down and the handle on it up and went to the roof and dropped it down onto the handle. I grabbed onto it and lifted it with no dropping or anything. I was able to grab and lift it with just a rope and this tool. I have a ton of ideas for it and not even tried to use the grappling hook part yet. I write reviews on items I think need to be explained somewhat and things I find useful or not worth buying. I write my own opinion and not paid to write anything for anyone. I think so many items out there are not listed with enough details and need to have actual users to give them the info needed to make a smart purchase. I post my opinion and my opinion alone. 

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Drillpro HSS Hex 10 Step Cone Drill Bits Set 1/4''~1/3/8'' Hole Cutter
Offered by Pousrewus
Price: $18.15

5.0 out of 5 stars Great multi-purpose variable size drill bit. Clearly labeled step down marked on the side of the bit.January 10, 2017

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I am one of those handymen that love to have a multi-purpose tool. This step-down bit is really handy and is my main bit for a lot of jobs I do. I work on every kind of material and this is a great bit to have in my toolbox. It works great on wood, fiberboard, plastic and metals. It gives you the ability to make any size hole through small steps one at a time. It is helpful when you need to make a larger hole and starts you out with a small hole and steps it in one notch at a time. The bit is labeled for size on each step and is really sharp and not too easy to dull. I like it because of the shank and it hs flat spots on it to be able to grip it better in your drill and keeps from free spinning. Great all-around bit for quick starter holes and for screw starter holes. I write my reviews based entirely on my own experience with an item. You may have different views and I respect that. I do not let any outside influence interfere with my reviews. My reviews are my personal views of anything I buy and use and can offer input for buyers to get more insight to an item than just the sales information. I do not work for anyone associated with anything I purchase.

5.0 out of 5 stars True fast charger made from quality components and built with care and top grade parts.January 10, 2017

Truly one of the best car chargers I have used. I dislike chargers what claim to be fast chargers and then not give you fast charge speeds no matter the cable. I also dislike the ones that get so hot when using that you are afraid of fire hazards. This one is very impressive as it is built well and feels sturdy and not made of cheap crushable in your hand plastic. It comes with one QC3.0 charge port and two decently fast charge ports all in one. It has circuits that don't rob the other ports of power if you use more than one at a time. I am so impressed that I could see the drastic charging speeds increase and my phone actually said fast charging as well. This is enough to make me feel great about it. It also has ports that hold cables very nicely and firm. You don't have to worry about this thing letting you down and it feels like it was built by workers that actually care about their products. I write my reviews from my own experience and my own personal opinion. I do not let anything sway my opinions and what I put in my reviews. This is my opinion and mine alone. You may have a different opinion of the same item or may get one that doesn't match mine in some ways.

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YAHA Compression Arm Sleeves - 1 Pair - Black (XL)
YAHA Compression Arm Sleeves - 1 Pair - Black (XL)
Offered by YAHA Direct
Price: $16.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Great fitting, well made and quality material used. Not your average compression sleeves.January 10, 2017

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I have become very fond of compression sleeves and have several pairs for different occasions. I wear some to bed and some out in public and some under other clothes. I have some great and some not so great. This is one of my favorite pairs. The fit is great and comfortable. The material is very high grade and feels nice to wear. the fit on my arms couldn't be much more perfect unless it was tailor made to my arms. The inside grip is a silicone type gripping area and I do not know what it is made of but holds them up great. the bottom cuff area is also form fitting and feels perfect around my wrists. The silky smoothness of the fabric is very comfortable and feels awesome. I use this pair day and night due to the level of comfort. If I am going out I put them on. If I am going to bed to sleep I put them on to increase circulation and keep my comfortable all night. I have not had any issues with them being picked or the seams coming apart like some do. I write my reviews with my own observations and not for anyone other than buyers and myself to know more about a product. This is my own personal view of this item and mine alone. Your view may be different. Feel free to ask any questions about this review or any other review I post.

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Friday, January 6, 2017

5.0 out of 5 stars A must have charger and surge protector that can be used in almost any country and be used safely!January 6, 2017

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This review is from: LIANSING Universal All in One Worldwide Travel Adapter Wall Charger AC Power with Dual USB Charging Ports for USA EU UK AUS (Electronics)
This is a must have device for anyone who travels outside of the US. It has a plug for almost every type of plug that I can think of. it also incorporates a surge protector for protection from power surges to protect your electronic devices. It has 2 USB outputs to charge your devices at the same time. It does a very good job of providing a steady output for charging even with both USB ports being used at the same time. I cannot test the other plugs at this time since I am not out of the US at the moment but it will be packed into my bags for easy access to my charger on every trip I go on no matter the country. I will be prepared for a way to charge my electronics and have surge protection at my fingertips. It is made of a durable plastic that has a matte finish that feels smooth to the touch. It didn't get warm at all charging my S7 and that alone tells me it is made of high-quality circuits. Makes a great gift for the traveling business person you know or for yourself also.All the plugs either retract or fold in to make it easy to carry and to store or pack to keep from poking holes or damaging the device. I write reviews based on my own opinions and will not ever let anyone ever influence my reviews. Feel free to ask questions about this item or any other item I post reviews on.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect for children and for a smaller adult. Great comfort and well made.January 2, 2017
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This review is from: Original Panda Sleep Bean Bag in Chartreuse with White Polka Dots (2-Foot) (Home)
My daughter absolutely loves this and fights my dog over it daily! It came shipped in a cube and I was surprised at the volume this thing was able to expand to. It is extremely comfortable and feels really nicely made and should last a long time. It took some work getting the beads broken up but after they were it is just the perfect place to curl up and watch TV for hours for my kids. I am very pleased with this item and only post what I think are deserving reviews that contain honest opinions. I was not co-hearsed into writing this and did so on my own free will. I wanted to share my insight of how well made this is and the surprising comfort from it. It isn't like the bean bags of my younger years that you hit the floor if not careful. This one has enough filling to be the perfect comfort amount. If you have kids then you will want one to let them have a really cool place to sit that is just their size. My wife even sits in it sometimes. She is smaller framed and loves it as well. This is my full honest opinion and only mine. I never let outside factors come into play when I post a review. Feel free to contact me and ask any question.