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I love to test and review absolutely anything. I test, evaluate and publish product information. I am a very active Beta Tester for several companies. I test and review products from anywhere and any company.I invite anyone to contact me to test and post an honest and detailed review. I do text, photo and video reviews.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Who cannot love a well-made ring? It is total quality made and looks great too. It is very sturdy and extremely hard to bend. I was going to tighten it a bit but with my hands it proved impossible. I just am too weak I guess or it is too strong. The look of it catches eyes everywhere and even with the points, it doesn't get hung on anything, yet. I am a big fan of manly rings and this is a really cool one. It has lots of fine details in it and looks like I have a small creature in my hand holding on. It hasn't changed the color of my finger and shows no signs of discoloration at all even after showering with it on. Great conversation starter and eye catcher. I only write honest, truthful and unbiased reviews so people will have an optional place to read more about an item they are thinking about buying and want to hear from people that actually have this and use it. Feel free to ask any questions about this review or any other review I post.

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